Monday, 19 May 2014

Nearly a mini-retro flowers

A couple of weeks ago I had a grand plan. It started really well but didn't finish great.

I needed a quick tote bag and I knew which fabric I wanted to use, I just wasn't sure which quilt block I wanted on the tote. A quick plea for help on my Instagram feed resulted in my deciding on some Flying Geese, so off I went hunting for a 'how to calculate your own fabric sizes" for the flying Geese. I found a tutorial (I'm hopeless at quilt maths) and planned out my tote and then promptly changed my mind…

… "Why not do a mini Retro Flowers block instead? It can be a small practice project for the Retro Flowers quilt I'm about to start?" Decision made!! Yay!

The template was shrunk and the petals fabric were cut.

Liberty Jody, Mauvey, Gleeson & Poppy's Patchwork
pretty Liberty flowers*

I was rather pleased with how pretty they looked laid out together, but slightly worried about how small they were and that I was using two very different fabrics so I starched the fabrics within an inch of their life! 

Poppy's Patchwork petal -
a mini Poppy's Patchwork petal*

I'm a 'pinning my curves' girl, it may be more time consuming, but its the method I get better results with. At this point I was really starting to worry! It's sooooo small and fiddly.

Poppy's Patchwork petal -
a teeny tiny curve!*

The curve sewing went well, with an almost perfect 1/4'' seam and lined up edges, but my lord was it misshapen!

Poppy's Patchwork petal -
misshapen and wonky!*

It turned out far too wonky and distorted for my liking, should I carry on, or give up? The consensus on Instagram was go with it, carry on and see how it turns out.

I had another go last week, after more starch the second part of the petal turned out less distorted, but I cannot carry on - I cannot do wonky! The mini Retro Flowers was a blow out! Maybe I'll try it again one day with interfacing, although I suspect it maybe just that little too small….who knows.

Poppy's Patchwork petal -
the one on the left is the less wonky of the two*

I'll be adding interfacing to the Liberty on my full size quilt, I'm hoping this along with bigger pieces and lots of starch will result in perfect curved flowers.

Sarah xx

*some of these pictures are taken from my Instagram feed. My apologies for the poor quality of some images.


  1. Oh no! I missed all this on IG somehow. Hate it when I plan doesn't go to plan

  2. I've had exactly the same problem with freeform curves recently and I've had to improv the hell out of them. And I starched like crazy too :(

  3. How annoying :( Hope the interfacing works x

  4. Better to have problems now though, than later with a full size quilt. Quilt maths does my brain in too:)


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