Friday, 4 April 2014

Time to spill the beans

Yes the time has come to share my very exciting news!!!

"imagine the melancholy violin music now please"
My blog has been neglected
My sewing machine hasn't seen the light of day for ages
I've not read any blogs for weeks 
I cannot remember the last time I posted on Instagram
I've not bought any fabric for months (27th Novemeber 2013 to be exact) hardly bought any fabric for months*
I've still not sorted out my new baby and new big sister gifts for Ange - sorry!


I've spent the past few months planning and working in preparation for … drum roll please!

Helping write a Press Release

….the launch of 
my online fabric shop opens for business 
Friday 11th April!! Whoop Whoop!!

A Liberty Rainbow

It is small (with huge plans for the future) and specialist, selling just Liberty Tana Lawn, mainly fat eighths with a flat rate postage of £2 for UK customers - I know we don't like paying high postage costs, lets face it it adds to the cost of the fabric. With this in mind I have kept the postage as low as I can, just covering postage fees, packing materials and a very small handling fee.

I've put together an eclectic range for the launch, with both Classic well loved prints and new Spring/Summer 2014 season designs. I'm in the process of uploading all prints onto my Pinterest board, they should all be there from tomorrow (Saturday 5th April). Why not head over and have a look, I'd love to hear what you think. And, if you cannot find the print you are looking for, please email me and I will try and get it in for launch next week.

Liberty Small Susanna

The website isn't finished yet and there is still work to be done. I predict this next week is going to be even more manic than the past few weeks, I'll be burning the candle at both ends just to make sure everything is perfect for the 11th.

Orange Liberty

I cannot tell you how excited I am. Finally I can share my news and I'm really looking forward to starting a new venture.

I'm going to leave you now with an animated squeal *eeepp* and hope you like this small selection of photos.

Sarah xxxx

*Admittedly there has been one huge significant fabric buying splurge and a sneaky purchase from The Village Haberdashery's clearance sale earlier this week. Oh, and I very nearly forgot the 2 FQ's I bought during the #thegreatukfabricdestash on Instgram in January.


  1. I am so excited for you Sarah and for me...being able to buy your delicious Liberties! Good luck on launch day! x

  2. Fantastic! Liberty fabric just keeps growing in popularity so good choice. Best of luck in a hugely successful venture.

  3. Congratulations Sarah, so glad the open day is nearly here for you. Very exciting news ������

  4. Squeee that is so exciting!!! Well done you :-) good luck with your exciting new venture

  5. Wow, good luck and congratulations! Will you also be able to post outside the UK, Ireland in particular (sorry, selfish)?
    (By the way, do you know you have that pesky word verification on - where did I put my glasses?!)

  6. How fabulous!! Congratulations! :) Love me some Liberty! Well done you :)

    (second the verification thing - can't tell you how many times I don't comment because I can't read the flipping thing!)

  7. Thank you for letting me know about the Comment Verification, I didn't realise it had been switched back on.
    It has now been turned off! If it does turn itself back on again, I'd be grateful if you could let me know.
    many thanks
    Sarah xx

  8. Squeeeeeee! So excited for you! x

  9. How exciting Sarah! Good luck with your new venture I am sure that it will be a great success.

  10. Really excited for you, Good Luck!!! Love that rainbow!!

  11. So so excited for you!! What a wonderful sample of fabrics to come!!
    That Susanna is gorgeous!

  12. Woohoo! Exciting, I was wondering how you were getting on...


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