Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Something doesn't feel right!

I've been without a working sewing machine for 15 days, and I'm feeling the loss. 

It just stopped!

My Christmas decoration makes have been put on hold and mum's surprise advent calendar isn't going to be a surprise because I'll be finishing it off at her house on Sunday. But I'll be bringing her old machine back with me (until I get mine back in a few weeks) which means I won't feel as idle. 

Having written this down, its made me feel rather glum so I'm off for some chocolate to cheer myself up.

Sarah xx


  1. Oh BOO. Really sorry I couldn't be trained up and fixing this for you right now, those sewing machine mechanics are so hard to find and they're never in any rush to finish!

  2. Hope the chocolate helped and that you are back in working order soon :)

  3. Oh no I'm so sorry! I went without my machine for nearly a month last winter and was going out of my mind! Oh a related note, we have the same machine I believe :)


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