Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christmas on my mind.

Yesterday was one of those days where I seemed to spend the whole day flitting from one thing to another, because of all the ideas buzzing around my head.

All the planning for Mum's advent calendar is done. You know the sort of thing… Which colour solid to use? How big are the pockets going to be? How much space between the top of the pocket and the bias binding? Does that 1/2" make a difference? Yes, is the answer by the way!! 

comparing pocket sizes

So really I should have started it, and done as much as I could until my top up order of Essex Linen arrives. 

But no. 

Instead, I start thinking of the possibility of making a few for us using lovely Liberty. 
- I can hang some in the garland we have on the stairs. 
- I could put little Gingerbread biscuits in them for William (he'll be getting the Lego City advent calendar again this year, rather than my over zealous plan of making him a solely gingerbread advent calendar). 
- I could make them in traditional Christmas red and white. Or white and silver to match the tree decorations. Or how about teal and grey to match the new sofa?
- What about making little Christmas stocking decorations instead of bunting?
- Curly toed Elf stockings are cute.
- I've all the ribbon and trims I bought at the weekend, can I use some of that?

And this is how it went all afternoon and evening. Lots of trips upstairs to the printer to copy and enlarge/reduce Christmas stocking templates and I won't admit to the number of times I ogled Liberty fabric online (although I have drawn up a shortlist of prints I want to use).

kitchen table carnage - from Instagram

The conclusion from yesterday, is that as cute as they are, small curly toed Elf Stockings are not going to work - the toes just aren't curly enough. They may work on a full size stocking, but this is just too small.

pointy toes, not curly toes 

The more traditional stockings I took inspiration from on the Liberty blog, are smaller (decoration size) rather than full (stuff you stocking full of presents) size which will look better with a bit of stuffing and more Christmas sparkle. 

Add caption

I'm going to carry on with the stocking decoration idea and see where it takes me. 

But what about something with pockets so I can hide some gingerbread biscuits and the odd Lego mini figure in?????

Sarah xx


  1. So many possibilities so little time :) Whatever you decide will be lovely I am sure!

  2. I'm sure there's lots of jokes in there about 1/2"?! Hope you made some headway today x


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