Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Brought to an abrupt halt!

Yes, my sewing machine decided to stop working on Friday afternoon. There I was cracking on with Mum's advent bunting, and it just stopped mid seam. Initially I thought we'd had a power cut, but alas No.

frozen in time

Thankfully my lovely machine (and yes I really do love it, although it has no name) is still a mere toddler, its a couple of weeks off its 2nd birthday which means it should be covered under warranty. I should hear today, then its time to pack it up and ship it off to GUR to be fixed. I'm just hoping that the service I had done a few weeks ago hasn't caused this problem, even though it was done by an authorised Pfaff dealer it hasn't been right since it came back, (making a clunking sound when it sews through 4 layers of fabric and squishing finer fabric down into the feed dogs when it sews - hmm?).

I don't think the fabric should be pushed into the feed dogs, do you? 

Don't get me wrong, I did some research before I decided where to take it. Ideally I wanted to take it somewhere local rather than send it back to GUR where I bought it from, 1. to save on courier fees and 2. to support local businesses. 
I made phone calls and visited a couple of places before booking it in, when we dropped it off I asked for a service and gave him a list of 'niggles' I wanted him to look at, it was only then he mentioned to Jon that he didn't touch the electrical parts after he told me on the phone that "Yes, I can service the computerised models", uh-oh!! Ahhh, with hindsight how different we would do things!
When we collected it I asked if he had found any problems and had he managed to sort the 'niggles', 
"I serviced it, love!"
"Oh ok, what do you check for on a service?"
"I just serviced it!"
"Can I have a receipt?"
"What for?"
"So I've got a record of what work has been carried out on my machine for it's warranty, can you write on it what you've done?" 
He then begrudgingly scrawled an indecipherable word on a piece of paper, the date and cost. 
Needless to say it will not be going back there!! Moan and rant over!

Anyhooo, November's Together bee blocks were posted off to Fiona last week,

Together @ do. Good Stitches

and I am busying myself with bits of hand sewing. 

basting hexies

These Liberty hexies are from Ali at Very Berry Fabrics, she kindly made me up a pack of mainly blues and greens a while ago. I love them, they are so pretty, but I haven't got a clue what I'm going to do with most of them yet.

Onto a totally unrelated subject … With the New Year fast approaching I'm half expecting a flurry of new BOM's and QAL's appearing over blog-land very soon. Now without wanting to sound like a big grump, I'll probably be so very very tempted to join in many of them but I am going to resist because lets be honest I'm nowhere near finishing the ones I started this year. So instead I'm on the look out for another Bee to join, but I've made a little promise to myself that I'll consider carefully and not jump feet first and say Yes to the first one I see. I love being part of the Together Circle and long may it continue, a charity bee making a few blocks a month - perfect!

So, with my first New Years resolution put down in writing (what??!!) I'll say "Cheerio" 

Sarah xx


  1. Sorry to hear about your machine and servicing troubles! Your do.Good Stitches are lovely. Hope your hand sewing will help while you go without your nameless best friend, Sarah! Those hexies are sweet!

  2. Oh hun, really hope its nothing serious with the machine and that you get it back nice & quickly xxx

  3. This is going to sound really patronising, but have you changed the needle to a finer one, say a 70 or 80? I find that fixes most things to do with hungry feed dogs.... I'm going to do a sewing machine servicing course but I think I should do my professional work one first now sadly and can't afford the money or the time to do both at once so the plan is on the backburner, otherwise I'd have taken a look for you.

  4. Oh dear Sarah, sounds like the service engineer didn't come up to scratch. Hope the damage to your machine isn't too much.

  5. The engineer sounds like a complete idiot, and v annoying, it's always great to support local businesses, and disappointing when they have no appreciation that you could have taken it to someone else, and you don't have to give them your business! Good Luck with getting it fixed asap. x


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