Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Frenzied Weekend Sewing Report

I'll start by backtracking a few days. This year I'm making some advent bunting for my Mum, nothing extraordinary but it will be handmade and filled with messages and pictures from her three grandchildren (by the way, wish me luck in convincing my 13 year old nephew to write Nanna some notes and draw her a few pictures!) with the odd chocolate thrown in for good measure. 

I'd decided on the fabric last week and ordered my charm pack, but I need some embellishments. So, with Jon working all weekend I dragged Will off to Hobbycraft on Saturday morning, where we picked out enough ribbons and beads to see us through the next 5 years! ha ha 

It was here that Will saw a book with 'kids' and 'quilts' in the title…
"Mum can we go home, I want to make a quilt today!"
"Err, ok lets just pay for this lot"

When we got home nothing could be done fast enough, I wish I could convey in words the urgency with which he wanted to get on and make a quilt. He knew what he wanted to do, how he wanted to do it and do it NOW. Out came a pack of mini charms, pins and his choice of background colour and off he went doing it his way!

and he's off!

Feeling totally frazzled and interrupted by the odd "Ouch! the pin got me!" I had a cup of tea, admired the charm pack the postman had delivered whilst tidying up a bit of the chaos we'd created in our haste.

Arhhh …. and relax

"Mum! I'm ready to start sewing. Can I do it now, by myself? I know how to sew, you can do your own sewing."


"Look mum!" mini charms pinned in place


I hovered over him trying my hardest to instill in him that I didn't want to end up in A&E with a sewing machine needle stuck through his finger, until I got told to go away! So I hovered at a discreet distance instead from the other side of the table. 

I can report that the sewing only lasted 10 minutes before he got bored and went off to watch TV, after which I took the opportunity to admire some of my purchases and eat some chocolate.

matching beads and ribbons

William wanted to carry on on Sunday, and did manage more sewing in-between homework, spellings and reading. Although he found it very frustrating that his homework was interrupting his sewing time, now what does that remind you of?

Sarah xx

*Saturday was really gloomy and these photos were taken with my phone camera so they are not the best - sorry*


  1. Haha, it's great that Will took an interest, but there is that, do I want to a, share my sewing machine, and b, let you loose on it! :o)

  2. Comma and Winters Lane in one post - be still my heart! Add in some mini charms and I think I'm in love. :-)
    It's great that Will is excited to sew, and you are a superstar Mum for giving him the space to learn. Just think how proud he'll be when it's done.
    E xx

  3. This is wonderful! I really want to see his quilt finished, it's looking great!


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